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I prefer to be hands-on and creative, and as a custom framer, I get to do that! Coworkers are always friendly and willing to help, management cares about employees and takes time to greet everyone when coming in for shifts and to learn about their staff. Fun Place to work. I loved working at Michaels. Everyone there treats everyone with respect. The managers are very understanding and work with your schedule. Communication was always good. Productive, Fast pace. Was a seasonal worker while in school. Was super flexible with my schedule despite working during the holiday season.

Awesome management and coworkers. Not Worth Your Time. I applied to Michael's for a seasonal position, they gave good hours for the first two weeks. After that they cut everyone's hours by more than half. A lot of my coworkers had bills, car payments, or other expenses to pay and we all got payed poorly.

Only one manager out of the 5 that I had was tolerable. The others made it seem like they saw everyone else beneath them, even though they're nothing more than a manager at a retail store.

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They expect you to do so much and learn so much in a short period of time and if you mess up once they act like it's the end of the world. Bottom line, don't waste your time, it's not worth it. It's Good if You're Going to School. Michaels is a very relaxed, slow paced environment. The management genuinely cares about you and sets up plans to help you advance in the company if you express interest. The customers are mostly older women so it's a nice change of pace from the standard "I want to speak to your manager" kind of customer.

The only downside is that the pay is low and the hours never exceeded 25 hours for me as a part timer, and the only full time positions will be management, which don't always open very often. Pay was exceptionally low. Part time staff receive no benefits which is not unusual. There are some raises, usually in Aug which disappear when the new minimum wage kicks in so experienced staff might get a few pennies more than a new hire who walks in the door knowing absolutely nothing about the business.

Apparently Michael's doesn't care about retaining hard working, knowledgeable staff based upon their unwillingness to bump wages for current staff. Sadly, other retail establishments will gladly pay more for someone with experience so the good employees find new employment elsewhere, leaving Michael's with wet behind the ears staff. I feel bad for the Customers who are left to bear the consequences of inexperienced staff Very busy.

I did a lot of merchandise stocking. We started very early in the morning. I enjoyed working for them. Very friendly environment. I liked how their time clock works. They encourage to punch in and out on exact time. They also had a website so you can check your schedule online. Very casual place to work. My fellow associates were friendly, and also store manager friendly as well. Other than the fact that it was seasonal, I would definitely work there again. Fast paced and fun to work at. Welcoming staff and eager to assist with anything, plenty of work is always available to give you tons of hours if you're up for it, peak season is where the hours are at when it starts getting into mandatory overtime, the pay is well worth the work.

Fun place to work. Enjoyable people to work with. Have never had an issue with a co-worker. Hours are very flexible and co-workers are willing to cover for you if there happens to be a situation that stands in the way of you working a day. Management needs work. Michaels was a fun place to work because I love crafting.

However, it was incredibly difficult to communicate needs with management. Additionally, Michaels keeps most of their employees part-time so that they do not receive benefits like paid time off or sick leave. Fun place to work nice discounts. I like the job and the discounts. The pay and hours are not sufficient. They are very flexible with your schedule. The people and customers are nice. No health care benefits. No paid leave. Good for part time. If you are looking for part time work then it's perfect. Don't expect to get many raises and depending on how many people you basicly force to signnup for their rewards program is how they determine your hours given.

Unique and fun environment. Challenging on behalf of the products for arts and crafts- having to suggest a different method of creating a project or suggesting different materials, giving opinions on products. Unique on behalf of having different experiences everyday due to new products, new placements for products, new customers, workers, and delegating it all is a unique and humbling experience.

Definitely fun when trying out new products to ensure to have a well rounded and honest opinion about a product for a creative guest. Rams and questioned this as the website still showed it as available. Nearest store was 3. He was rude, unhelpful and just downright arrogant. Michaels has now lost all my business and Hobby Lobby Will now be getting it instead. Disgusting of Michaels to treat loyal customers this way. Well, I placed my order at 3: I place an order with Michaels that was supposed to be split between the balance on a gift card, with the remaining balance of the order paid for with my credit card.

The order went though just fine, showing the order had been paid with the gift card and the credit card. Just looked at my credit card statement. They never applied the gift card balance. After 4 phone calls, I was told I would receive partial credit on my credit card for the remaining gift card balance. Said it would take days.

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Never happened. Additionally, their online orders take forever to fulfill. Will never use Michales online again. I have ordered 3 times in 1 year from Michaels. The first time I ordered 12 items.

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I got no call or email to say the other items were no longer available. The manager I spoke with was not helpful and slightly rude, I ordered a second time. The entire order was canceled. I ordered right before the holidays bulk items which is what the site was advertising. This was for a baby shower again.

They sent the spray paint but not the Mason jars. When I called customer service the agent was rude and told me they could not cancel the order. He sent me to another manager who told me he could not guarantee my order would be canceled although it was their fault it could not be fulfilled. They should consider removing online services at this point. Tried for several hours to place an order to ship to store. Couldn't get to the part to add my payment to checkout. It just wouldn't go passed the 2nd step.

Tried to go through PayPal instead but got an error message that I couldn't ship to that address which was the store address since I wanted to ship to store. Finally after about 2 hours I can get to add my payment info but now the prices have increased! They are still listed on the website as on sale but in my cart they are regular price which is more than doubled.

I removed and added again. Still changes price in cart. It's not fair to list one price on the web page and then change it when I add to my cart. It's late so no customer service is available to help or answer questions. I thought online ordering was supposed to be quick and easy but this has been a headache. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I placed an order online to be picked up in the store.

Unfortunately, I accidentally selected the wrong store. I called the store to cancel the order and place it to the correct store. The customer service rep said if I didn't have an order number they couldn't look up the order. I had not received an email with an order so I did not have it. I asked if he could look it up under my name, I was placed on hold for about 10 seconds then he comes back to tell me he had spoken to the manager and according to them I needed to wait until the next day to call and see if I receive an email with an order.

I cannot imagine the order number is the ONLY way to look up an online order. I could sense a "don't feel like working too hard" attitude on this particular employee and I even doubt he spoke to the manager since the manager suggested "I wait until the next day". That was exactly what he wanted me to do since I presented him with the situation. I ordered online since 19 Nov last month.

I think the item might deliver from outside America! If you want to order from this site, you have to plan to order almost a month. Customer service is the key of the business, right? I ordered 3 items from Michaels, a Cricut machine and 2 accessories, believing they were a reputable store. My order was then split into two separate shipments. The processing time for part of the order, one of the accessories, was quick, and it was shipped next day. The other two items took several days of processing, and then shipped.

Those two items shipped from Ohio, a state away, and the shipment was quick to arrive, and a huge box was at my door. The only problem was, the box was extremely light, and it was clear immediately, there was no Cricut machine in the box. Checking the tracking number proved that the machine was never in the both: The UPS label said the shipment was only 1. Don't try to call Michaels on the phone their system is a hassle. The bright side is, their only chat system is good, perhaps the only good part of my experience with Michaels.

I told them what happened, advised them to check the weight of the machine against the weight of the shipping labels, and they offered me a refund or a replacement. This was a gift, and I wanted a replacement, but was hesitant to trust them any long.

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After I was told the replacement would take days processing, and days to ship, I figured that was enough to just take the refund and go elsewhere. I will never shop with Michaels again. Michaels charged me twice for the same object. I know they were busy today but there is no excuse for scanning the same object twice.

I thought the bill was a little high and then I realized why. Unfortunately I did not notice until I got home.

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Ordered online for delivery to home. After 9 days, part of my order was still processing. Multiple calls to customer service did absolutely nothing. No resolution, no compensation for the issue, nothing. I got sent an email to review the product before it was even shipped out to me. They denied my review, even though there was nothing that actually violated the terms, just that it warned other customers. Horrible practices. Tried making a complaint to corporate as well, still nothing. Michaels did, what we thought, was a great job framing a WWII war bonds poster for us.

However, today, admittedly years later, my husband and I went to take the poster out of the frame only to discover that Michaels had glued down the poster to the backing. Not just the corners either, the entire poster had been adhered to the poster board. I am absolutely disgusted and incensed. The glue was done without our knowledge and has effectively ruined a piece of history. I was finally able to reach customer support and not only did they confirm my shipment but provided a discount for my inconvenience.

In the end I am satisfied and hopeful the item lives up to expectations. I love the store and their products and shop there frequently. However, my recent interaction with the customer support and online store has been extremely disappointing. I purchased an item online at Michaels to ensure an efficient delivery to my home since I am currently pregnant and not able to get to the store to pick up the large item on my own. I was told the order would need business days to process. It is now about 8 business days later and 12 calendar days and the purchase is still processing.

I understand items may take some time to process especially near the holidays but it is well outside the time frame given. With that being said, it is mainly the customer support I am here to review. I received a very standard email the first time I contacted customer support for an update. I then responded asking what the hold up was and when I could expect tracking information.

I was then told again about the business day standard and that a request for shipment and delivery as soon as possible was put in. That was 4 days ago. I have since requested additional information and asked to cancel my order and all 4 additional emails have gone ignored. Absolutely unacceptable. Save yourself the trouble and skip the online store. I am highly dissatisfied with the service Michaels has delivered. I made a purchase and I received only half of my order.

The half I have not received is the Cricut Explore air 2. I received the accessories. To start I made the order. I made a call a few days later to check on the status. I was told by the customer service department that my order has shipped. The next day I called customer service because I never received an email with the tracking information. The lady on the phone told me my order has not shipped. Finally, a couple days later I received an email that my order was shipped and the tracking info.

Well, I clicked track and there is no information. There has been no information the whole time. Even when I made yet another call to Michaels customer service they told me they had no tracking information provided. They charged my credit card, but provided no item. They will not refund me. I am beyond upset. The website stated that Cricut Maker was in stock.

In an effort to get the item more quickly, I chose a Michaels store as the delivery and pick up location. It turns out that one day sale has been going on for 11 days or more and is expected to continue through Black Friday. It has not arrived at the store. The Cricut finally shipped 3 days ago, but will not arrive at the store until the 19th at best nearly 2 weeks after buying the Cricut online. As for the Cricut Maker, there are reviews that suggest there may be unresolved software glitches. The company Cricut will help you troubleshoot, but once the box is open, neither Michaels read the return policy!

I am told the Cricut is great for a lot of things, but the newer features may not all work seamlessly yet. One even offers a better price and they will accept returns. Here it is.

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They would not allow this post on Michaels. I went into Michaels to get a picture framed for my wife. Everything went well. The people were very pleasant and helpful. I feel like I was robbed. They even sent me e-mails which taunted me to no end.

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You can't get repeat customers this way! On October 5 I ordered a custom frame of a diploma for a handicapped individual. Had to order a special mat for it. Was assured that all would come in and would be completed by the 13th. I even bought a non-custom frame just to make sure the process would be sped up. I informed the associate that I needed it by the 15th for a special party for this handicap individual to give them their diploma.

When I arrived at two in the afternoon on the 15th, not only could they not find it at first but no work had been done on the project at all.

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It took two associates 30 minutes of looking and hunting came to that conclusion. I came to that same conclusion in the first five minutes seeing the diploma to be sitting on the same shelf I had saw the associate originally put it on. NEVER expect them to have it ready! Be prepared to be disappointed if you need it in a reasonable time frame. Like more than 10 days Just spend the extra money and bypass the disappointment and heartache.

I was shopping last night 30 min before close I assume she could tell I was frustrated in my decision, on what I was wanting to do on a purchase